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Welcome to Baska Voda

A view of Baška Voda underneath the Biokovo mountainBaška Voda can offer, other than the sun, the sea and stunning beaches, everything necessary for those who prefer an active holiday as well as for everybody in search of entertainment.

Along infinite pebble beaches You can enjoy swimming in the clear blue sea and relaxing in the refreshing shadows of a pine tree. Towards the resort of Brela and even further You can follow maintained paths along pebble beaches with tourist resorts, restaurants and cafes that in the nit turn into vibrant night life. To the south-east there leads a maintained path but You can follow a wild path by the sea allaying to Makarksa which is a small administrative center just 20 km south of Baška Voda.

Excursions and sport

From Baška Voda and surrounding villages or towns You can climb up the Bikovo mountain, a beautiful park of nature, from which you can see the whole coastline around Baška Voda as well as the close by islands. Biokovo offers the possibility for mountaineering, free climbing and cycling. Also you can visit the close by islands in one-day boat trips or from nearby Makarska and Drivenik with ferry lines. You can cast of the shore and try Yourself in sailing, diving, windsurfing or even paragliding. If You're an adventures type of person, be sure to experience the nearby rafting opportunities in the canyon of river Cetina. Further from the coast you can find in great proximity Imotski town and the Crveno and Modro jezero or the red and blue lake, as well as the Međugorje sanctuary and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Along the coast you can visit Dubrovnik or Split and when on Your way to Split do not miss Omiš and it's famous omiške klape - a traditional vocal quire singing.

A view of the pebble beaches


In Baška Voda you can find several museums among them the Archeological museum where you can view exponates up to 3700 years old while at the Malacological museum (seashell museum) you can find the biggest shellfish collection in the area with exhibits from Baška Voda, the Adriatic as well as from other World seas.
You can see old traditional stone churches among which the oldest is the church of saint Rok in Bast (a small village next to Baška Voda) and in Baška Voda you can find the church of saint Lovro and saint Nicholas.
From May to October you can follow Baškovodno ljeto which is a cultural event where you can listen to a diverse music program while you can also hear some of the traditional vocal quire singing.
In Baška Voda You will certainly not miss interesting events.

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